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DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH 20.10.1991 New York
NATIONALITY United States of America

He was born in Troy, New York, USA on 20th October 1991.

He moved to Turkey with his family in 1993 and started to live in Kayseri.

He attended Namik Kemal School for kindergarten in 1997-1998.

He has completed his primary and secondary education at Besime Özderici School where he attended between 1998 and 2006.

As a result of entrance tests for specialist science colleges (Anadolu and Science High Schools) he took in 2006, he gained access to Sami Yangın Anadolu High School where he attended 9th grade. Afterwards, he won a scholarship to private Hisarciklioglu Science High School (a specialist science college) where he attended 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Furkan who was a U.S. citizen at birth because he was born in the U.S., when he was attending 12th grade he took university entrance test for foreign students on 9th May 2010, and he scored high enough to attend a Medical College of his dream.

Meanwhile, Furkan, who completed his 12th grade and got ready for graduation, applied for joining the aid flotilla organised under the name “Our Route Palestine, Our Load Humanitarian Aid” by IHH Humanitarian Aid Foundation in order to break inhuman blockade imposed by israel. As a result of his insistent efforts, he succeeded in getting his name on the list of 9 aid volunteers to be join the aid flotilla, from Kayseri.

He was seen off to Antalya after a farewell ceremony following Asr (midafternoon) Prayer in Kayseri on 24th May 2010. He boarded the Mavi Marmara, set sail from Istanbul, along with the other aid volunteers gathered in Antalya. The Aid Flotilla, consist of 1 cruise liner and 6 cargo ship, with 700 Aid Volunteers from 32 countries, set sail from Antalya on 28th May 2010 to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. He was martyred in an inhuman attack on the aid flotilla in the Mediterranean in international waters by israeli army on 31st May 2010. His corpse brought to Turkey, along with the other 8 Martyrs on 2nd June 2010. Their Islamic funeral ceremonies (Janazah prayer) were held collectively at Fatih Mosque in Istanbul on 3rd June 2010. Following the funeral ceremony (Janazah prayer) held at Hunat Mosque in Kayseri on 4th June 2010, he was buried in Resadiye Graveyard in the borough of Talas in Kayseri.

This story is the translation of original story written by Ahmet DOGAN.

Who is Furkan?


They ask his father (Ass.Prof.Dr. Ahmet DOGAN, Erciyes University) to talk about Furkan, he tells:

"Furkan was a kind, sincere and generous child. He had always a smiling face and he was fairly modest. I have said 'child' for him, because he was the youngest member of our family.In fact, he was not like a child. He was a fairly mature teenager. He was very neat and tidy.

In a summer holiday with our family, we had gone to a city. Furkan was a small child. In the city, he had seen some untideness on roads and in some streets. Pointing them to us "I will make arrangements for all of these when I get older..." He was just a small child when he said these...

He had paid attention to his clothing and personal cleanliness. Never had he rejected anybody. He was so respectful to his olders. Never could you hear from him a rude or bad word and see his unpolite behaviour. He was good- mannered. He even had not speak with loud voice.

His generousty was quite different. Never had he said his charities, he had done them secretly. Later had we heard from others. He had spent much of his pocket money for charity organisations. Approximately three months ago, a girl student in his school had wanted to arrange a charity organisation for Gaza and said herself that "I need a person loved by all boys and girls in the school for this charity organisation". Then, she had wanted help from Furkan and they had done the organisation together. According to Furkan, they had collected a considerable amount.

He was really loved by his friends. Also, his friends said that, Furkan had been helping and tutoring for low classes for their lessons in the school.

He had not like showing and standing in the forefront. In the point of morality, he was a special child. It is really very hard to leave Furkan for someone knowing him.

With his smiling face, cheerful behaviours and deep affection, he had brought peace and comfort to his friends...

In a summer school, when a volunteer was needed for service of students in the school Furkan was there. All the summer he had beeing helping for cleaning, food service, washing dishes and so on... He had come to home in evenings as being so exhausted but still he had not give up. In the school, seeing his diligent effort for the service, some of the people thought that Furkan was the son of a servant woman working in the school and he was working for his pocket money and helping for his mother.When they had learnt the fact, they really got surprised."

To be continued...

This story is the translation of original story told by Ahmet DOGAN.
He shared this in Turkish and it is translated by: Funda CETIN


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